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Freelance Audio Production Services (UK)

A multi-skilled audio professional providing sound design and audio services. With experience in sound and dialogue editing, dubbing and ADR mixing, Foley production, sound recording, music production and video editing.


10+ years of audio engineering experience

50,000+ licensed audio assets

Fast turn-around time

Bespoke audio, unique to your project

Simple payment via PayPal

Free quotations


Youtube channel

Sound effects only
Unreal Engine and FMOD
Original music and sound effects
Trailer/cinematic sound effects

Services & Pricing

10% discount for any projects providing an IMDB credit to Darkworld Audio.
The services below are for guidance only. I can do just about anything with audio so please enquire for custom work, negotiating prices etc.

Linear Sound Design

Audio to video
Design sound effects and sync them to your media projects – animation, film, trailers, motion graphics etc.
Prices may be adjusted to suit needs.
~£40/minute of video

Technical Sound Design

The key to great game audio
Using in-engine (Unreal) tools or middleware (FMOD) to ensure your game is heard the way you want.
(Strictly no ‘revshare’)
From £20/hour

Audio & Video Editing

Creative and modern editing
Edit video with transitions, fades, intros, outros, cuts, text etc. Dialogue editing and other audio issues including restorations and recovery.
Variable pricing

Sound Mixing

Digitally mixed audio
Ensuring your audio fits together accordingly, utilising specialist software and professional techniques to give your audio the treatment it deserves.
~£50/minute of audio

Other Services

Everything else
Field recording, voice acting, audio processing (E.g like it’s through a radio/tv/intercom etc), audio consultations and any other digital media asset production.
Variable pricing


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Darkworld Audio is operated by award winning (Millmar Award) audio engineer Stephen McHardy (BSc Hons, 1st Class) and is based around the West Coast of Scotland. The main focus of Darkworld Audio is to drive my passion for sound design and audio into your productions and achieve professional results. I also create sound effect packs and run the sound design subreddit /r/sound_design.

Software utilised
Softube Weiss
Freakshow Industries
Analog Obsession
Saike JSFX
Audio Assault
Denise Audio

Legal Info

1) Assets produced by utilising services provided by Darkworld Audio (excluding asset packs) can only be used in the agreed media production(s) in which Darkworld Audio is credited for.

2) Attribution/Credit is always required if Darkworld Audio works on any part of your project(s).

3) Darkworld Audio is not liable for any loss of business or business profits, business interruption, or any other form of direct or indirect loss resulting directly or indirectly from the use of any of Darkworld Audio’s services.

4) Darkworld Audio and the customer, user or client agree to indemnify each other from, and against any and all claims, demands, suits, actions, causes of action, damages, liabilities, charges and expenses, including attorneys fees incurred by each party with respect to any matter that arises as a result of any claim that the sound services provided infringe or violate any rights of any third party or any breach of this agreement.

Updated 19/04/22

Darkworld Audio Sound Effect Packs have their own licensing included with their download and contain only Original works recorded and created by Darkworld Audio.

Sound Effect Packs

Original recordings designed, edited and mixed by Darkworld Audio.

Available for FREE on itch.io (click the image above)